ABA Services

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) has been found to be the most effective treatment for people with ASD. It is the analysis of behaviour and how it is influenced by the environment, more specifically how learning takes place and how it is shaped. The goal of ABA is to decrease behaviours that are detrimental, while replacing them with behaviours that are conducive to learning and that are socially meaningful. At the Little Red Playhouse, we use the Verbal Behaviour (VB) approach not only to teach children language, but also to to teach them how to use language appropriately in order to help them achieve what they want. For a more detailed description of ABA therapy, follow this link http://www.cocosplace.ca/aba.htm
This intensive program is offered on a 1:1 ratio with a trained ABA therapist and is designed to help prepare children for successful integration into classrooms and elementary school. Typically this program is paired with our morning preschool program.  This allows for direct instruction and teaching in the afternoons and skill practice and generalization can occur throughout the morning preschool programming. ABA programming may be available for those children not yet ready for classroom settings, or those who have  graduated on to elementary school, depending on availability and scheduling.

For information on the rights and responsibilities of the children and their parents, click here