Our Programming

Our Classes
  • Class Overview

    Our preschool program offers classes designed to meet your children's needs
  • Classes are organized based on the needs and skills of all students.

  • All of our curriculum is built around our Educational Goals. Our instructors use a variety of teaching styles in order to best suit the needs of both the class as a whole and the individual learners. Class sizes are small, allowing the students to benefit from moments of undivided attention and support. Classes are integrated with typical learners as well as with children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and speech delays, creating a diverse and inclusive classroom dynamic for all.


    • Pre-K
      This class is all about preparing the children for kindergarten. Academic and social skill development focuses on learning goals outlined by the ministry of education for elementary school preparation. This class aims to work 50% in English and 50% in French, giving students a truly bilingual classroom.
      • 4 - 6
        Year olds
    • Little Learners
      This class is all about developing the skills and knowledge to succeed in classroom settings, including academic and social goals.
      • 3 - 4
        Year olds
    • Thoughtful Tots
      This class is for our littlest learners and aims to develop early learning social skills as well as introductory academic skills for the classroom all within a playful (and busy!) setting.
      • 2-3
        Years old
    • Busy Bees
      Some years we have a cohort of little learners that need slightly adjusted classroom setting. Typically, this is a closed class for learners with ASD or other delays that may require them to build skills before being fully integrated into one of our integraded classes.
      • Based on skill level
        Years old
  • All of our programming is designed to meet our Educational Goals

    All of our classes integrate the methods and materials from programs such as Handwriting Without Tears and Language for Learning. Staff are trained in a variety of programs and techniques to help your child succeed. We also include french in daily programming, increasing the frequency and use of french language as children progress, with our pre-k class aiming to be 50% French instruction.

    Lessons are taught and explored through a variety of materials from hands-on exploration to workbooks, and smart boards/tables to creative arts.

  • Structure

    We work with our students to develop healthy routines for continued success in elementary school and life. Our programming offers a delicate balance between structure and freedom: providing a framework both for learning and play.


    Our staff guide students to construct their own understanding of the world and seek to uphold the contributions and strengths of all children. Children are guided through explorations of academic material as well as social and life skills both in the classroom and in play.


    We take the process of reflecting on lessons and activities very seriously, not just amongst our staff but with our students too. We strive to make each lesson more successful than the last, children are given time and space to reflect on lessons and skills learnt and incorporate them into their daily life. We explore new and diverse teaching strategies and classroom management tools in order to be the most effective educators we can be for each student and group of students that we encounter.


    We emphasize trust between students and staff as well as students with their peers. These trusting relationships allow for open communication and create an environment in which true learning can occur. It is our goal to foster an environment wherein it is safe to fail, where mistakes are embraced as learning opportunities, and where group discussions and problem solving foster mutual respect between students and teachers.


    Each child’s gifts and identity are recognized, nurtured and validated. We strive to highlight what your child can do and build upon those skills, and using these to help them grow in all areas. We believe that the entire school community can benefit from being shown that there is no “right” way to learn.

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