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Our instructors use a variety of teaching styles to best suit the needs of both the class as a whole and the individual learners. All our classes integrate methods and materials from programs such as Handwriting Without Tears and Language for Learning. Our teaching practices include methodologies from occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, ABA therapy and physiotherapy practices.

Special Programming

An intensive program is offered with trained ABA therapists and is designed to help prepare children for successful integration into classrooms and elementary school. Typically, this program is paired with our morning preschool program.

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Programming costs vary depending on the needs of your child and the type of services. We offer various payment plans including monthly payments.

Services are optional, not only do students benefit from having all services provided in one facility, we also work closely with all team members to ensure that skills and techniques are implemented daily throughout your child’s school day providing students with a truly multidisciplinary experience.

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We are a private, non-profit, federally registered children’s charity, bilingual special education preschool and early education facility and as such, your family can take full advantage of all allowable Federal and Provincial refundable tax credits (Provincial tax credit is between 26 percent and 75 percent). In addition, you can request that MRQ pay you the childcare tax credit in advance (monthly installment). There may be an administrative fee to have this form or any other government forms filled in for you. Tuition has a base but varies depending on individual program choices and needs of the child. We are a private institution, without government funding, therefore we rely on private donations to subsidize the overhead in order to keep the overall costs affordable for the family. Many parents in our programs are eligible for substantial childcare tax credit from the government.


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