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Our preschool program runs Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. Our curriculum is built around our Educational Goals: Structure, exploration, reflection, community, and inclusion. Our instructors and staff use a variety of teaching styles to best suit the needs of both the class as a whole and the individual learners. Our classes integrate the methods and materials from programs such as Handwriting Without Tears and Language for Learning. Daily French programming is also included, increasing to 50% French instruction in the Pre-K class. We offer small class sizes, allowing the students to benefit from moments of undivided attention and support. Classes are integrated with typical learners as well as with children with ASD and speech delays, creating a diverse and inclusive classroom dynamic for all. This unique program promotes the development of their personality and their many potential talents, as well as the development of all aspects of their person, especially on the emotional, social, moral, cognitive, linguistic, physical, and motor levels. Our programming includes bi-weekly physical activity programs at the nearby gymnasium, weekly visits to the Montreal West Children’s Library, music programming and more!

“As parents and teachers, we have the greatest gift for children - a positive self-image. We can do this by treating them as if they already were what they couldn't hope to become. Let them, through our eyes, see themselves as competent, worthy, and in control of their destiny. Give them direction ... introduce them to themselves. Allow them to learn who they are and what they can be. If this is accomplished, they will no longer be strangers to themselves, they will feel at home in the world.”

- David L. Gallahue

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