The Little Red Playhouse is a privately funded inclusive early education facility managed by La Fondation Place Coco, a not-for-profit organization, federally registered children’s charity. We believe in early intervention and integration and our mission is to teach all children as the individuals that they are, to be the best that they can be. Our integrative approach allows children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and language delays to develop, learn, and grow in an enriched environment alongside their typically developing peers, preparing them for a successful academic career. We teach all children empathy, compassion, understanding and acceptance of all diversity.


Founders Message

Sharon McCarry, Founder:

"The Little Red Playhouse started from the need of one child and grew to what we are now, to help many more..."

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Vision & Values

  • Enrich the lives of families

  • Promote learning & social skills

  • Encourage independence and autonomy in a safe and nurturing environment

  • To teach children as the individuals that they are, to be the best that they can be.



Our staff members are specialist in their field, etc - more details regarding the team as a whole goes here.

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Executive Director and Coco’s Mom

Policy Advisor.jpg

Policy Coordinator & Researcher, Supply Teacher

Applied Behavioural Analysis.jpg

ABA Therapist &

Playgroup Facilitator


Assistant Educator & 

Playgroup Facilitator

ABA Therapist.jpg

Program Lead & Educator

Behavioural Therapist.jpg

Lead Instructor Therapist, Educator

Autism Therapist.jpg

ABA Therapist & Assistant Educator 


Stage Student

Early Intervention.jpg

Educator &

Playgroup Facilitator


Educator &

ABA Therapist 


Stage Student